Squaresoft specializes in various web technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, LAMP, Joomla and back-end databases including MySQL and SQL Server. We generally follow the agile method for project management. The entire project is first split up into several small milestones with deliverables and time frame defined. Our team works on each milestone and the progress report is sent on a daily basis. Modules once completed are uploaded to our test server for client feedback.

We use a development server for hosting the web portal during the entire development and testing process. The URL to the web portal at this phase will not be crawlable by Google and it is password protected. So only our development team and the client have access to it. We are committed to create a successful and profitable website for our clients.

Squaresoft has one of the best web design teams in South India, a dedicated design team to create professional Web2.0 designs for our clients. Our designs are targeted to the end users who will use the website. We are creative, experimental and at the same time address the functional specifications of the website. We believe that a great design is the key to making a successful websites.

We study the client requirements and research other websites in terms of usability and popularity. Based on outcome of the study, we prepare the design mockups which are sent to the client for approval. Once the home page is approved by the client, we design the inner sections based on the basic theme.

Squaresoft offers affordable and cheap web hosting plans to all its clients. It includes all the basics and the flexibility to customize with options tailored to your needs. Our hosting services are perfect for small static websites to big dynamic portals. All this comes in an affordable price that is packed with power features. Our company provides Linux & Windows based hosting plans.

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